Dr Vijay Pereira

Dr Vijay Pereira

I have experience and expertise in consulting, industry and academia, globally. Over the years I have been successful with a track record of attracting funding and have published widely, in over 100 outlets. I am currently the Associate Editor (Strategy and Organization-Behavior) at the top ranked Journal of Business Research.

PhD., MSc (IHRM)., PG (DLS); LL.B., B’Com

  • BUSS 301- Corporate Leadership and HRM
  • I have experience in teaching International Business; Strategy; International and Strategic HRM; Organizational Behavior, among others.

Dr. Pereira was the Associate Dean (Research) at the Australian University of Wollongong, Dubai and is a visiting scholar at Manchester and Portsmouth Universities, UK. Dr. Pereira has published widely, in leading international journals, such as HRM US, Journal of World Business, International Journal of HRM, Journal of Business Research, HRM Review, Journal of International Management, and International Journal of Production Research, among others. He is currently on the editorial and advisory board for the journals Production and Operations Management (Listed in Financial Times), International Journal of HRM, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Asian Business & Management Journal and South Asian History and Culture. Dr Pereira has written and edited (published and forthcoming) 10 books and has been involved in over 10 special issues on important topical areas in top tier journals. He is one of the leading experts on outsourcing and offshoring and culture and identity in a business and management context.

  • Pereira, V., and Fontinha, R., (2015). An exploration of the role duality experienced by HR professionals as both implementers and recipients of HR practices: Evidence from the Indian Railways, Human Resource Management, 55(1), 127-142.
  • Collings, D., Singh, S, K., Pereira, V., and Mellahi, K. (2018, forthcoming). Host Country Nationals Characteristics and Willingness to Help Self-Initiated Expatriates in the UAE. International Journal of HRM. ISSN 0958-5192.
  • Budhwar, P., Pereira, V., Mellahi, K., and Singh, S. K. (2018, forthcoming). Emerging Patterns of HRM in the Middle East: Challenges and Future Research Agenda. DOI: 10.1007/s10490-018-9587-7. Asia Pacific Journal of Management. ISSN: 0217-4561.
  • Pereira, V., Munjal, S., and Ishizaka, A. (2018, forthcoming). Outsourcing and Offshoring Decision Making and its Implications for Businesses- A Synthesis of Research Pursuing Five Pertinent Questions. Journal of Business Research. ISSN 0148-2963.
  • Pereira, V., Malik, A., Howe-Walsh, L., Munjal, S., and Hirekhan, M. (2017). Managing Yopatriates: A longitudinal study of Generation Y Expatriates in an Indian Multi National Corporation. Journal of International Management. 23(2), 151-165.

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