Dr. Mustapha Tajdin

Dr. Mustapha Tajdin

Mustapha Tajdin, a Moroccan academic, with a professional experience in research and teaching spanning more than 19 years. Before joining Khalifa University, he taught in different places including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai and delivered lectures on topics related to Islamic law, history, theology, and others in some renowned institutes in Europe and North Africa.

  • 2000 PhD Arabic Language (with a focus on Qur’anic Interpretation) from al-Qarawiyyin University
  • 2015 MBA in Management from the Canadian University in Dubai

Religious and Islamic Studies as well as logic and linguistics have always attracted my attention. I have published extensively on Islamic law and ethics and participated in many academic conferences worldwide. The development of Muslim institutions (taxation, judiciary, and others) is one of my latest interests.

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  • Badi, J & Tajdin, M. (2005). Creative Thinking: An Islamic Perspective, 2nd ed. Kuala Lumpur: International Islamic University Malaysia.

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