Dr. Mohamed Wagialla Ahmed

Dr. Mohamed Wagialla Ahmed

Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Address: Sharjah, UAE, P.O.Box: 573

Telephone: +971 (06) 597 8806

Fax: +971 (06) 561 1789

Email: muhammad.wagialla@ku.ac.ae


  • Ph.D., International Relations, University of Mississippi (USA), 1994
  • M.A, Comparative Politics, Ohio University (USA), 1981
  • B.A., Political Science & Administration, Omdurman University (SDN), 1977
  • Political Science
  • Arabic Studies
  • Islamic Thought
  • Orientalism
  • Political Philosophy
  • International Relations
  • Intellectual History
  • Literary Criticism
  • Chinese Studies


  • 2010 Mohamed Wagialla, Introduction to Political Philosophy: An Islamic Perspective. Dar Al-kifer, Damascus.2010.
  • 2009 Mohamed Wagialla, Ach-choura et la Revivifcation de la Comunate Musulmane, le Waqf Internatioal, Cairo, 2009.
  • 2007 Mohamed Wagialla, The Image of Islam in Western Curricula, Naife bin Abul Aziz International Prize in Islamic Studies, Madina, Saudi Arabia, 2007.
  • 2006 Mohamed Wagialla, Essays on Literary Criticism: An Islamic Perspectiv, Intellectual Works Foundation, Khartoum, Sudan, 2006
  • 2003 Mohamed Wagialla, The Influence of Four Sudanese Scholars on Malcolm X, Intellectual Works Foundation, Khartoum, Sudan, 2003.
  • 1996 Mohamed Wagialla, Poetry and The Society, The Institute for Social Studies, Khartoum, Sudan, 1996.
  • 1989 Mohamed Wagialla, Islamic Reform:The Different Points of View, Dar Al-kifer, Khartoum, Sudan, 1989.
  • 1986 Mohamed Wagialla, The False Dawn, Dar Al-kifer, Khartoum, Sudan, 1986.

Professional Journal Articles

  • 2008 Mohamed Wagialla, Islam and the Cooperative Work, (New Ideas), Khartoum, Sudan, June 2008, Vol. 22 , PP.22 – 33.
  • 2004 Mohamed Wagialla, Muslims in America: How to Get out of September11 Dilemma? Research Center, of Ministry of Islamic Affairs, The State of Qatar, December 2004, PP.501 -535.
  • 2004 Mohamed Wagialla, The Islamic Conception for Peace and War, (New Ideas), Khartoum, Sudan, March 2004, PP.3-37
  • 2004 Mohamed Wagialla, The Arab Youth: Do They Read Enough?
  • 2003 Mohamed Wagialla, The Major Approaches for Analyzing the Cultural Heritage of the Islamic Civilization, (Ruaa), June, 2003.
  • 2002 Mohamed Wagialla, Muhammad Arcone’s Conception of the Secularization of Islam, (New Ideas), Khartoum, Sudan, June, 2002, Vol.10, PP.57- 89.
  • 1998 Mohamed Wagialla, The Major Approaches for Analyzing Global Issues,( Islamiat Almarifa), Fall 1998, PP.73 -111.
  • 1998 Mohamed Wagialla, The Essentials of Imam Gazali’s Thought, (Islamiat AlmarifAa), Summer 1998.PP. 96 – 123.

General Articles

Published over 2500 Journal articles covering a wide range of Islamic topics. Most of these articles appeared in renowned Arabic Journals and magazines, such as: Al-Bayan,”UAE” Al-Khaleej, “UAE” Al-Hayat,”UK” Al-Sharq alawsat, ,”UK” Al-Gumhoriyya,” Ygypt” Al-Ayyam,”Sudan” Al-Islah, , “UAE” Manar El Islam, , “UAE” Al-Rabita,Saudi Arabia” etc…..

  • The Intellectual Conflict and Inferiority Complex.
  • Is Man Evil by Nature?
  • The History of Mankind Did Not End.
  • Osman Dan Fodio: A Religious Manstate.
  • Democracy As Percieved by Islam.
  • Nationalsm As Percieved by Islam
  • Muhammad Rashid Rida: As a Journalits, an Educator and a Reformer
  • AbuAl-Hassan Al-Nadawi: His Position in Modern Islamic Thought.

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