Dr. Hakim Ajhar

Dr. Hakim Ajhar

Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Address: Sharjah , UAE, P.O. Box: 573

Telephone: +971 (0)2 501 8315

Fax: +971 (06) 561 1789

Email : hakim.ajhar@ku.ac.ae

Dr. Hakim Ajhar obtained his Master’s degree in Islamic studies in 1995 and his PhD in 2000 from the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

He has held positions many universities in the UAE, including Zayed University (ZU), Ajman University (AUST), American University in Dubai (AUD), and the American University of Sharjah (AUS), and has taught numerous courses in Humanities and Islamic Studies including Introduction to Islamic Studies, Survey of Islamic Civilization and the Arabic Language for Arab and Non-Arabs (ZU), Islamic Culture and Thought, Islamic Theology, History of Islamic Sciences (AUST), Comparative Middle Eastern Cultures and Religion, the History and Civilization of Islam (AUD), and Readings in Arabic Heritage I and II (AUS).

Dr. Ajhar has also held many positions and headed many committees during his career. He has supervised the Department of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language in more than one university, and was the head of the accreditation committee in Ajman University that led to its’ Department of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language to earn its accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Dr. Ajhar is a referee for many peer reviewed journals in both Arabic and English, and is a member of the review board for the Athens Journal of Mediterranean Studies.

The primary focus of his research is to dig in areas that were not studied deeply before and to shed light on those aspects that could potentially form a basis for resuming the Islamic thought in the modern time. The Islamic thought in modern times, tries to build bridges between Islamic culture and other nations’ cultures, particularly with western culture.

Dr. Ajhar’s current research is focused on modernizing Islamic thought by inciting and instigating the potential aspects of this thought to actualize a real modern Islamic thought. He has published numerous books and papers that have been well-received by readers and as a result he plans to continue his current research focus and publish future studies on the application of contemporary methods of hermeneutics on the Qur’an, and to uncover the Islamic worldview that could motivate Muslim intellectuals to create their own modernity.

  •  Ph.D., Islamic Studies, McGill University (CAN), 2000
  •  M.A., Islamic Studies, McGill University (CAN), 1995
  •  B.A., Philosophy, Damascus University (SYR),
  • HUMA101
  • HUMA102 Islamic Culture
  • HUMA106 Gulf Region Economic and Social Outlook
  • HUMA110 Middle East Studies
  • HUMA111 Islamic History
  • HUMA112 Sciences in Islam
  • HUMA140 Psychology
  • HUMA141 Sociology
  • HUMA211 Islam and Modernity

Teaching interests:

  • Islamic thought and other fields in humanities such as modern philosophy, theology and critical thinking.

Planned future research projects:

  • “Mystical Thought in Islam and its Concept of Truth”
  • “Islamic Philosophy and the Necessity for Establishing a New Modern Philosophical Discourse”
  • “Modernity or Modernities?”
  • “The Linguistic Theory in the Islamic Literalist School and its Critique”

Research interests:

  • Islamic study and its intellectual branches including Muslim creed, Islamic philosophy, Islamic theology, Islamic mysticism, Islamic institutions, history of the Muslim civilization, modern and contemporary Arabic and Islamic thought, in addition to European thought, philosophy, sociology, and postmodern thought.


  • 2017 God’s Transcendence and Creative Difference, Rabat, Morocco, Believers without Borders.
  • 2010 The World View in the Thought of Ibn Arabi and Ibn Taymiyyah. Beirut: The Arab Cultural Centre.
  • 2010 Abu al-Barakat al-Baghdadi, A Conceptual World View on the Basis of Religion. Beirut: The Arab Cultural Centre.
  • 2005 The Early Intellectual Formation in Islam, Beirut: The Arab Cultural Centre.
  • 2004 Ibn Taymiyya and Resuming the Philosophical Thinking in Islam, Beirut: The Arab Cultural Centre.


  • 2000 Co-translator, Fish on Top-Roof, Poetry. English-Arabic Translation. Beirut: Bisan Publisher.

Selected Peer Reviewed Research Papers and Articles:

  • The Forgotten Rational Thinking in the Hanbalite Thought, Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Vol. 14. 7-2014.
  • A Contemporary Attempt for Interpreting the Qur’an. Ibn Rushd for free Thought. Vol. 16. 2015.
  • The Interpretation Strategies in Islam and the Contemporary Thought, Al- Tafahom Journal. Vol. 45, 2014.
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  • The Causality in Islamic Thought, Ajman University Journal. Vol. 9. No. 2. 2004.
  • The Theory of Creation of the Qur’an and the Relationship between the Eternity and Origination in Islam. Islamic and Arabic Studies Journal, N0. 26, Sep-2003.
  • An Analytical and Critical Study of Ibn Al-Hanbali’s Book “Extraction of the Dialectic from the Qur’an” Ajman University Journal. Vol. 7, No. 2, 2002.

Essays and Articles in non-refereed Journals:

  • Islam: The Religious Obligation of Speculation and the Legalization of Charge of Unbelief. Arabesque, Montreal, Vol. 17, 1997.
  • Culture, Truth, and Difference. Arabesque, Montreal, Vol. 19, 1997.
  • The Historicity of Reason in Modern Arabic Thought. Al-Wahda, Paris, No 55, 1989.
  • The Scientific Reason. al-Fikr al-Arabi, Beirut, No 55, 1989.
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