Nader Ayish

Nader Ayish

Nader Ayish

Assistant Professor



Nader Ayish’s interests are in multilingual and multicultural education, with a focus on Arab and Arabic-speaking students. He grew up in a small town in Ohio in the United States and is a former middle-school English teacher in Washington, DC and Houston, TX. Dr. Ayish taught multilingual education at George Mason and American Universities before joining the faculty at Khalifa University.

  • Ph.D., George Mason University , 2003
  • M.A., University of Houston, 1996
  • B.A., The Ohio State University, 1989
  • Dr. Ayish teaches a range of courses, including English Communication I and II, Public Speaking, and Strategies for Team-Based Engineering Problem Solving.

Dr. Ayish’s research interests have been shaped by more three decades of teaching in diverse settings, from middle schools and universities in the United States to teacher education programs in ESL and bilingual education to teaching at Khalifa University. His research centers on the complex relationship between learning and teaching within multilingual, multicultural settings.  He has worked on a number of research projects focusing on second language acquisition, critical literacy and technology, intercultural communicative competence, critical pedagogy and learning, language barriers related to STEM education, and second language teacher education.

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