Matthew Overstreet

Matthew Overstreet

Matthew Overstreet

Assistant Professor



Dr Matthew Overstreet joined Khalifa in the fall of 2019.  Before that, he was an assistant professor of English at the New Economic School in Moscow, Russia.  A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, he has taught writing and writing pedagogy all over world.  Working in the tradition of William James and John Dewey, his research considers issues of thought, language and knowledge from a practice-based, materialist perspective.  He is particularly interested in the ways in which technology shapes thought and communication.  A vocal advocate for open-access scholarship, he is currently an assistant editor for the US-based WAC Clearinghouse.

To learn more about Dr. Overstreet’s research, please visit his website—mwover.com.


  • University of Pittsburgh, PhD (rhetoric & composition)
  • University of Illinois-Chicago, MA (English studies)
  • University of Kansas, BGS (political science)
  • First-year writing
  • Digital media composition
  • Professional communication
  • Science & technology studies
  • Theories of thought & cognition
  • Writing pedagogy
  • Digital media literacy
  • Pragmatist philosophy
  • Cognition
  • Ethics
  1. “Writing at the Interface: A Research & Teaching Program for Everyday Digital Media Literacy,” Literacy in Composition Studies, under review.
  2. “First-Year Writing as the Critical Thinking Course: An Interactionist Approach,” Double Helix: A Journal of Critical Thinking & Writing, under review.
  3. “Critical Thinking, Writing & Language Learning: A Report From Northwest China,” in English Across the Curriculum: Voices From Around the World, WAC Clearinghouse, under review.
  4. “Mapping Russian English: A Comparative Study,” in Emerging Writing Research from Russia & the Former USSR, WAC Clearinghouse, in press.
  5. “Feeding The Troll: Online Hate Speech as Communal Act.” The Proceedings of the Annual Computers and Writing Conference: Volume 1, 2016-2017. The WAC Clearinghouse (2018).
  6. “Ambient Propaganda: A Study in Chinese Rhetorical Ecology.” Rhetorics Change/Rhetoric’s Change. Parlor Press & Intermezzo (2018).
  7. Response to Casey Boyle’s “Writing and Rhetoric and/as Posthuman Practice.” College English, (Sept. 2017).

Click here to link to Matthew Overstreet’s Google Scholar

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