Stephen Neville Ehrenberg

Stephen Neville Ehrenberg

Professor, Department of Earth Sciences

Telephone: +971 (0)2 607 5411

Email: sehrenberg@pi.ac.ae

Steve Ehrenberg grew up in Los Angeles, where he attended Occidental College and then UCLA. He is a geologist with main focus on reservoir quality.

  • 1981 to 1985 he worked at Shell’s Bellaire Research Center in Houston.
  • 1985 to 2008 he did sandstone and carbonate reservoir studies at Statoil in Stavanger.
  • 2008 to 2010 he worked for Panterra Geoconsultants in The Netherlands.
  • 2010 to 2013 he was the Shell Chair in Carbonate Geosciences at Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat.
  • He joined The Petroleum Institute in August 2013.

Steve has published around 50 articles in technical journals and books.

  • PGEG511 Carbonate Reservoir Petrology
  • PGEG461 Reservoir Characterization Project

ADNOC project “Regional Thamama-B Diagenesis”

Various aspects of carbonate reservoir characterization

  • Wu, Q., and Ehrenberg, S.N. (2016) Sedimentology and diagenesis of the dense zones above and below a limestone reservoir of the Kharaib Formation,  Lower Cretaceous, Abu Dhabi. Society of Petroleum Engineers, paper 183271, 7 p.
  • Ehrenberg, S.N., Morad, S., Yaxin, L., and Chen, R. (2016) Stylolites and porosity in a Lower Cretaceous limestone reservoir, onshore Abu Dhabi. Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 86, p. 1228-1247.
  • Ehrenberg, S.N. (2015) Upper Shu’aiba limestone reservoirs of northwest Oman – geometry, depositional facies and controls on reservoir quality (abstract). European Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Meeting, Madrid, Spain, 1-4 June.
  • Ehrenberg, S.N., and  Walderhaug, O. (2015) Preferential calcite cementation of macropores  in microporous limestones. Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 85, p. 780-793.
  • Al-Tooqi, S., Ehrenberg, S.N., Al-Habsi, N., and Al-Shukaili, M. (2014) Reservoir rock typing of Upper Shu’aiba limestones, northwestern Oman. Petroleum Geoscience, v. 20, p. 339-352.
  • Al Habsi, N., Al Shukaili, M., Al Tooqi, S., Ehrenberg, S.N., and Bernecker, M. (2014) Lithofacies, diagenesis and reservoir quality of Upper Shu’aiba reservoirs in northwestern Oman. GeoArabia, v. 19, Nr. 4, p. 145-182.
  • Ehrenberg, S.N., Walderhaug, O., and Bjørlykke, K. (2012) Carbonate porosity creation by mesogenetic dissolution: reality or illusion? AAPG Bulletin, v. 96, p. 217-233.

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