Sadoon Morad

Sadoon Morad

Chaired Professor, Earth Sciences

Telephone: +971 (0)2 6075596

Email: sadoon.morad@ku.ac.ae


Dr. Morad was professor at Uppsala University, Sweden till 2007 when he joined the Petroleum Institute of Abu Dhabi (PI) where he is currently Chaired Professor of Earth Sciences.

His main research interest is sedimentary geology of siliciclastics and carbonates with focus on development of conceptual models linking the impact of diagenesis on reservoir quality distribution and evolution to depositional facies and sequence stratigraphy.

Dr. Morad has published numerous articles in refereed international journals and book chapters. He served as Associate Editor for most journals in the field of sedimentary geology and edited four books for the International Associate of Sedimentologists (IAS). Dr. Morad conducted numerous consultant research works for many international oil companies. He also delivered several presentations in international conferences and short courses for universities and oil companies.

  • 1983 PhD (Geology), Uppsala University, Sweden
  • 1977 MSc (Geology), University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • 1974   BSc (Geology), University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • Sedimentary geology
  • Impact of diagenesis on reservoir quality evolution
  • Fluid flow in sedimentary basins
  • Linking diagenesis to sequence stratigraphy
  • Vilcaez J, Morad S*, Shikazono N. Pore-scale simulation of transport properties of carbonate rocks using FIB-SEM 3D microstructure: Implications for field scale solute transport simulations. JOURNAL OF NATURAL GAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2017: 242; 13-22.
  • Paganoni M, Al Harthi A, Morad D, Morad S*, Ceriani A, Mansurbeg H, Al Suwaidi A, Al-Aasm IS, Ehrenberg SN, Sirat M. Impact of  stylolitization on diagenesis of a Lower Cretaceous carbonate reservoir from a giant oilfield, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. SEDIMENTARY GEOLOGY 2016: 335; 70-92.
  • Mansurbeg H, Morad D, Othman R, Morad S*, Ceriani A, Al-Aasm IS,  Kolo K, Spirov P, Proust JN, Preat A, Koyi H. Hydrothermal dolomitization of the Bekhme formation (Upper Cretaceous), Zagros Basin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Record of oil migration and degradation.  SEDIMENTARY GEOLOGY 2016: 341; 147-162.
  • El-Khatri F, El-Ghali MAK, Mansurbeg H, Morad S*, Ogle N, Kalin, R. Diagenetic alterations and reservoir quality evolution of Lower Cretaceous fluvial sandstones: Nubian Formation, Sirt basin, north-central Libya. JOURNAL OF PETROLEUM GEOLOGY. 2015: 38; 217-240.
  • Khalifa M, Morad S*. Impact of depositional facies on the distribution of diagenetic alterations in the Devonian shoreface sandstone reservoirs, Southern Ghadamis Basin, Libya. SEDIMENTARY GEOLOGY 2015:329; 62-80.
  • Fontana S, Nader F, Morad S*, Ceriani A, Al-Aasm IS, Daniel JM, Mengus J. Fluid–rock interactions associated with regional tectonics and basin evolution. SEDIMENTOLOGY 2014: 61; 660–690.
  • Morad S*, Al-Aasm IS, Nader FH, Ceriani A, Gasparrini M, Mansurbeg H. Impact of diagenesis on the spatial and temporal distribution of reservoir quality in the Jurassic Arab D and C members, offshore Abu Dhabi oilfield, United Arab Emirates. GEOARABIA 2012: 17; 17-56.

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