Flavia Fiorini

Flavia Fiorini

Assistant Professor, Department of Earth Sciences

Telephone: +971 (0)2 6075245

Email: flavia.fiorini@ku.ac.ae


Dr. Flavia Fiorini earned her MSC degree in Geology from University of Bologna (Italy) in 1998 and a PhD in Paleontology from University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) in 2002.


Dr. Fiorini was Post-Doctoral Researcher in Micropaleontology at University of Bologna, Dalhousie University (Canada) and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Panama).


Dr. Fiorini became Assistant Professor at the Petroleum Institute in 2009.


Dr Fiorini is an expert on benthic foraminifera. Her research mainly focusses on Recent benthic foraminifera for paleoenviromnental reconstruction from several shallow and deepwater environments, ancient (Jurassic and Cretaceous) agglutinated foraminifera and thecamoebians taxonomy and paleoecology, intertidal benthic foraminifera, abnormal growing of larger benthic foraminifera. She has published her research on peer reviewed Journals and presented her research at international conferences.


Dr. Fiorini is a member of The Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research, The Micropaleontological Society, The Palaeontological Association, The Grzybowski Foundation for Foraminifera Research and The European Geosciences Union.She reviewed papers from the following sources: Micropaleontology, Cretaceous Research, Journal of South American Earth Sciences, Geological Quarterly, Marine Micropaleontology, Journal of the Geological Society.


As a faculty member at the Petroleum Institute she supervised 1 MSc student to graduation and is in the MSc committee of several students. She is student advisor and served is several PI and Department committee.

  • 2002 PhD (Paleontology), University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • 1998   MSc (Geology), University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
  • PGEG341 Paleontology.
  • PGEG220 Geology of the Middle East.
  • PGEG397 Field petroleum Geology.
  • PGEG413 Micropaleontology.
  • PGEG221 Introduction to Geology and Geophysics.
  • PGEG210 Earth Material.
  • PGEG311Sedimentary Petrology.
  • Benthic foraminifera analysis for paleoenvironment resconstructions.Recent shallow marine benthic foraminifera of the Persian Gulf.Larger benthic foraminifera form the Dammam and Asmari formations in UAE.Taxonomic study of miliolidae foraminifera from the Persian Gulf.Benthic foraminifera in hypersaline intertidal area to monitor the response of those foraminifera to changes of water salinity and temperature.

Selected Publications

  • S.W. Lokier and F. Fiorini*, Temporal evolution of a carbonate coastal system, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, MARINE GEOLOGY, vol. 381, pp. 102-113, 2016.
  • F. Fiorini*, Recent benthic foraminifera from the Caribbean continental slope and shelf off Colombia, JOURNAL OF SOUTH AMERICAN EARTH SCIENCES, vol. 60, pp. 117-128, 2015.
  • C.E. Molinares, J.I. Martinez, F. Fiorini*, J. Escobar, C. Jaramillo, Paleoenvironmental reconstruction for the lower Pliocene Arroyo Piedras section (Tubará – Colombia): Implications for the Magdalena River – paleodelta’s dynamic, JOURNAL OF SOUTH AMERICAN EARTH SCIENCES,, vol.39, pp. 170-183, 2012.
  • F. Fiorini*, Recent benthic foraminifera from marginal marine sediments (Abu Dhabi region- Arabian Gulf), QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL, vol. 279–280, pp. 144, 2012.
  • F. Fiorini*, D.B. Scott, G.D. Wach, Characterization of paralicpaleoenvironments using benthic foraminifera from Lower Cretaceous deposits (Scotian shelf, Canada) MARINE MICROPALEONTOLOGY 76, 11-22, 2010.
  • F. Fiorini*, Ammodiscus anulatusa new species of benthic foraminifera from the Colombian Basin, MICROPALEONTOLOGY 55, 94-96, 2009.
  • R. A. Fensome, Crux J.A., I Gard G., MacRae A., Williams G.L., Thomas F.C, Fiorini F.*, Wach G.D., The last 100 million years on the Scotian Margin, offshore eastern Canada: an event-stratigraphic scheme emphasizing biostratigraphic data. ATLANTIC GEOLOGY, 44, 93-126, 2008.
  • Fiorini F.*, Scott D.B., & Wach G.D.. Thecamoebians from the early cretaceous of the Scotian Shelf. MICROPALEONTOLOGY, 53, (6): 511-516, 2007.

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