Mutasem Sinnokrot

Mutasem Sinnokrot

Mutasem Sinnokrot

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

PO Box 127788, Abu Dhabi, UAE

+971 (0)2 607 5229



Mutasem earned his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, in 2004, and his MSc in Atmospheric Chemistry from the same institute in 2002. He received his BSc in Physics with highest honors from the University of Jordan in Amman, Jordan. Before joining The Petroleum Institute (now part of the Khalifa University of Science and Technology) in 2011, he worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Jordan. Dr. Sinnokrot has won two teaching awards while at the Petroleum Institute — the WISE’s Best Teacher Award in 2014 and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award for 2016-2017.

  • 1998 BSc in Physics  University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan
  • 2000 MSc in Atmospheric Chemistry Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
  • 2004 PhD in Physical Chemistry Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
  • General Chemistry (lecture and laboratory)
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Applied Organic Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis (MSc Level)
  • Quantum Chemistry (MSc Level)
  • Applications in Quantum Chemistry (PhD Level)
  • Preparatory and University Physics

Research interests are in computational chemistry modelling noncovalent Interactions and supramolecular chemistry. Projects are often collaborative with experimental inorganic, organic, and physical chemists.

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