Maguy Abi Jaoude

Maguy Abi Jaoude

Maguy Abi Jaoude

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

PO Box 127788, Abu Dhabi, UAE

+971 (0)2 501 8476



Maguy earned her PhD degree in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Claude Bernard – Lyon 1, France, in 2011. She subsequently held a part-time chemistry adjunct position at the same University, under the College of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Since 2013, she has been Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Khalifa University. She has undertaken multidisciplinary, cross-departmental mentorship and advising roles for undergraduate and co-supervised M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. She has been extensively involved in the development of the new B.Sc. Chemistry program and has served on various academic and professional committees. Her main research interests are in materials chemistry and analytical sciences, for example the use of sol-gel and hydrothermal processes for the development of novel micro-/nano- structured oxides of transition and rare-earth elements. She is interested in developing an understanding of the surface and bulk physicochemical properties of these materials for the particular advancement and application of heterogeneous catalysis and separation sciences. She is a member of the Center for Membranes and Advanced Water Technologies (CMAT).

  • 2011 PhD Analytical Chemistry, University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France.
  • 2008 MSc Analytical Chemistry, University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France.
  • 2007 Teaching Diploma in Sciences, major: General Chemistry, Lebanese University, Faculty of Sciences II, Lebanon.
  • General Chemistry I and II
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Spectroscopic and Separation Methods
  • Advanced Instrumental Analysis Techniques

My target research field is in environmental and materials chemistry as applied to water and air depollution.

Water security, public health protection and environmental sustainability are together the utmost humanitarian challenge of the 21st century. At present, effective water treatment and reuse, and environmental depollution are a must to tackle the global crisis and restore the ecological balance due to the hazardous nature of current industrialization practices. My research group actively develops and studies novel mixed and rare earth Transition Metal Oxides (TMOs) for use in photocatalysis as well as advanced analytical and applied separations. The primary research targets are the preparation and processing of transition and rare earth metal oxides for sol-gel and hydrothermal syntheses, their spin-coating and electrospinning together with their use in heterogeneous catalysis, photocatalysis and analytical and applied separations.

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