Robotics and Control Research at KU

Robotics and Control Research at KU

Robotics activities involve multidisciplinary aspects and the ECE department provides a major contribution on Control, Sensor Signal Processing and Computation topics.

With the support of Khalifa University Robotics Institute (KURI), our lab facilities allow us to develop solutions and applications for Safety and Security, Robotic Manufacturing and Healthcare sectors.

The ECE Faculty actively collaborate with a number of leading international robotics labs and local industrial partners.

Research staff

Dr. Jorge Dias


Dr. Nawaf Al Moosa

Assistant Professor

Dr. Reyad El-Khazali

Associate Professor

Dr. Andrzej Sluzek

Associate Professor

Dr. Naoufel Werghi

Associate Professor

  • Aerial, Ground and Marine robotic vehicles
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Bio-robotics
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