EHS - Student Section

Environment, Health and Safety for KU Students

Khalifa University is committed to promoting a safe and environmentally sound campus environment that is conducive to the highest level of education and research.

Students can refer to the below sections for more useful information:

At KU, we want your time at campus to be a rewarding and safe educational experience. We want to make sure everyone on campus is secure and safe at all times. The online environment, health and safety management system will provide you with the knowledge you need to stay safe.

For on campus emergencies phone: 02 4018200

KU Security Services is your first contact point for any incident or emergency On Campus. They will coordinate any emergency response - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online, you can:

For emergency and security help off campus, contact phone: 02 4018100

The local area (e.g. a laboratory, workshop, store etc.) must maintain a chemical register /Chemical Inventory List (CIL) which lists each chemical being used or stored in that area. See Chemical Register/CIL (Blank Template) for a sample chemical register.

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provides all handling, storing, transporting, packing and disposing information. With the gradual implementation of the GHS over the next few years (until it becomes mandatory in the 1 January 2017), the chemicals may be classified on the register according to their DG class or according to the GHS system.

The Safety Data Sheet for each hazardous chemical must be readily accessible and available in the immediate vicinity at all times. An electronic system can be used provided the above condition can be met. A back- up plan must be available in the event of a computer or server failure.

The SDS must be from the supplier and required to be reviewed and updated every five years.

EHS provides PPE's Guideline applies to all staff and students who undertake any activity on behalf of KU where PPE has been chosen as a risk control measure. It applies in mechanical, chemical and biological laboratories as well as in workshops and when on field trips. This Guideline does not apply to designated computer laboratories. 

To order PPE kindly use the PPE request Form.

The minimum PPE requirements of the KU EHSMS must be taken into account i.e.

  • Laboratory clothing
  • Protective eyewear
  • Gloves
  • Closed shoes
  • Hearing protection
  • Additional or specialized PPE, e.g. respirators. 

All possible routes of entry of the hazard into the body must be taken into account when considering the PPE to be used.

All staff that are designated as supervisors, area managers or laboratory managers are responsible to ensure staff, students and visitors:

  • Are supplied with the appropriate PPE for their work activities;
  • Ensure that the PPE required, in the area of their responsibility, is worn